5 Ways To Hook The Best Tenant

Getting your hands on the right tenant can feel like sucking ice cream through a straw, but it’s easy to avoid choosing the wrong people by following a few simple suggestions.

1. Smart advertising

You’re obviously quite smart if you’re looking to advertise a rental on our website! But you also need to be sure to attract the right people with your advert. Make sure it really looks nifty by taking great photos. Stick the photos onto your PC and follow the promts on our site to include them in your listing. If your spot is spatially challenged (small, for short), you should say ‘suit single professional or young couple’. You get the picture, right?

2. Chat before you meet

You don’t have time to mess about with people who don’t cut it. Chat with potential tenants before they even see the property and make sure they fit the profile you’re looking for. If a family with a Rotweiller contact you when you specified ‘no pets’, you can smell a rat upfront...(pun)

3. Make sure you’re on the same page

So, you’re ready to show the tenant the property (it’s best to do this personally). What’s next? When you hook up, you should discuss house rules, deposit, parking and any other things you need to iron out. There’s no harm in making a checklist so you don’t leave anything out.

4. Check them out

It doesn’t matter if you’re an agent or flying solo, before you take on a new tenant you should make sure they’re kosher (or halaal, or anything else that’s important to you). Contact us to find about a Credit Checking Report. If that seems a bit heavy, ask for referrals from previous landlords and proof of income. If you’re still not sure they’re a full bag of apples, trust your gut and keep looking.

5. Sort out the ‘nitty gritty’

Business is business, so you need to nail down the details.

  • Download an information sheet for free (niks, nada) which lays out all the important contact details etc that you’ll need. Or, you could draw up your own if you’re into hard work.
  • You’ll also need a lease agreement to keep things legal. Download a standard lease agreement for free. (How nice are we to give you all this free service!).
  • Also, be sure to get a deposit of at least 1 month’s rental in advance. Serious tenants will be prepared to be serious about money. You’re supposed to put it into a separate bank account, not spend it!
  • It’s important that you hand over the property to the tenant at the premises and get the tenant to sign a snag list. This covers both of you if there’s a dispute about damages down the line.

Advertise with rentaspot.co.za and follow these simple rules – your spot will be filled in no time!